Database Statistics

The B-HRD Database houses over 160 human rights reports, representing over 300 distinct situations of alleged business-related human rights abuse. See below for a survey of interesting facts and figures about the current state of business and human rights documentation efforts.

Much in the field remains undocumented, and so we encourage advocates to consider documenting in under-reported areas detailed below.

If you would like to know more about the B-HRD Database methodology, visit here. If you would like to collaborate with the B-HRD team on future quantitative research, data analysis and information design projects, write to us here.

Note: The maps and charts presented below are derived from the first-hand human rights reports contained in the B-HRD Database. They do NOT purport to represent the actual scope or breadth of business-related abuses worldwide in any statistically significant way. Instead, they represent certain trends in the documentation effort to date.

Situations per Country
Situations per Affected Group
Situations per Industry
Situations per Category of Human Rights