The B-HRD Project

Project Description

B-HRD offers a searchable Database of human rights reports, an In Focus section, and a Working Papers series.

The B-HRD Database

The Database provides experts, advocates, and members of the public with a user-friendly tool to access reliable reporting on business and human rights. It is comprised of a searchable and ever-expanding compilation of published, credible reports by human rights NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, grassroots organizations, and other reputable authors. The reports included are selected according to strict criteria related to subject matter, investigative methodology and quality of human rights analysis. The Database is fully searchable by: industry sectors; geographic locations; human rights affected; accountability mechanisms pursued; and groups affected. The Database uses the innovative and unique B-HRD Human Rights Framework to categorize the impact of business activity on human rights.

The B-HRD Human Rights Framework provides a conceptual basis for understanding the full spectrum of widely recognized human rights directly and indirectly affected by businesses across industries and regions. The framework was designed using the provisions and authoritative interpretations of the following instruments:

The B-HRD Database enables searching using the B-HRD Human Rights Framework, with rights organized under the following categories: economic, social, and cultural rights; labor rights; civil and political rights; non-discrimination rights; and rights of communities, groups, and peoples.

In Focus section

The In Focus section highlights particular situations of business-related human rights abuse around the world. In Focus provides updated information on emerging developments in the situation in question, and details the efforts made to hold businesses accountable and seek redress through the use of judicial and other mechanisms. To encourage advocates to learn from each other’s experience, In Focus also provides information about and links to the relevant organizations and individuals challenging business-related abuses and advocating for accountability at the local, regional, and international levels.

Working Papers series

The Working Papers series solicits and presents cutting-edge academic scholarship on business and human rights issues. It aims to generate new scholarship and research to help inform legal and policy debates.


Rows of uniformed workers toil in China’s factories. © 2007 Fernando Molere