Using Media


Getting Ready to Make a Human Rights Film

A five-minute video highlighting the strengths and challenges of using video for human rights advocacy.

Available in Spanish.

Message in-a-box: tools and techniques for communicating your cause
Tactical Tech Collective

Message in-a-box provides a large variety of resources and tips on making and distributing one's own media. The website covers: "A strategy for making media; print; images; audio; internet; video; and mobiles. Each section includes information, references, links and inspiring case studies that show how the right tools and tactics can be used to make media with impact. Message in-a-box also provides open source software tools to make our own media and video and text 'how-to' guides that tell you how to do this."

AMICC's Media Training
Coalition for the International Criminal Court (2003)

A comprehensive guide to using the media as a tool, which includes steps to create and maintain media contacts and deliver a successful media campaign.

Barefoot Workshops

Barefoot Workshops teach individuals and organizations how to use digital video to further their message.