General Corporate Accountability Tools and Resources

Tools and Guidance Portal
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

This webpage provides links to general guidance on business and human rights, with links to tools for advocates.

A portal for the work of Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General on business and human rights, John Ruggie

A web portal on the Special Representative's work from 2006-2011, including links to several resources developed for this mandate.

Corporate Accountability for Human Rights Abuses: A Guide for Victims and NGOs on Recourse Mechanisms
International Federation for Human Rights

FIDH's flagship guide for victims and NGOs on mechanisms to address business-related human rights abuse.  The guide provides a comprehensive overview of different judicial and non-judicial mechanisms with relevant sections on extraterritorial application. Learn about how to campaign for corporate accountability using the UN and other intergovernmental mechanisms, judicial mechanisms, mediation mechanisms, financial institutions, and voluntary and other CSR initiatives. 


Transnational Corporations on the Defendant's Seat: Human Rights Violations and Possibilities for Accountability
Terra de Direitos - Fernando Gallardo Vieira Prioste and Thiago de Azevedo Pinheiro Hoshino (2010)

The guide aims to assist organizations and social movements seeking to take action against human rights abuses committed by transnational corporations through the use of corporate accountability instruments at the national and international levels.


Why Investment Matters: The Political Economy of International Investments
Kavaljit Singh (2007)

In this book, the author explains "the central role transnational corporations (TNCs) play in the investment debate. He sets out in clear and simple language how investment patterns have changed in the last two decades. He debunks some of the myths surrounding investment flows, and he suggests ways in which the vast sums of money sloshing around the global financial system can be brought back under the democratic control of citizens and governments." Chapter 9 includes a discussion on strategizing and campaigning and Chapter 10 highlights several resources for advocates.

The Campaigner's Guide to Financial Markets: Effective Lobbying of Companies and Financial Institutions
Corner House - Nicholas Hildyard and Mark Mansley (2001)

The guide provides information about financial institutions and provides campaigners with the "nuts-and-bolts practicalities of financial market campaigning."

Advocacy Guide on Business and Human Rights in the United Nations - Part I: The Mandate of the Special Representative
International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) - Corporate Accountability Working Group(2009)

This guide assists civil society in taking a more active role in UN debates around the issue of corporate accountability and human rights. It highlights emerging issues for advocacy within the context of the mandate of the former UN Special Representative to the Secretary General on Business and Human Rights.

Accountability Resources Guide
Accountability Counsel (2011)

This guide provides information for advocates "who are, or who may be harmed by projects sponsored by international financial institutions (such as the World Bank)..export promotion agencies (such as the U.S. Government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) or private multi-national corporations (such as Rio Tinto or Shell)." It also lays out how communities can access various accountability mechanisms to address possible harms and helps communities define those possible harms.