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The Database

The B-HRD Database analyzes and hosts credible published reports on business-related human rights abuses. All reports are based on first-hand investigations and use a human rights methodology to analyze business impacts. To submit a report for inclusion in the Database, clickhere.

Search theDatabaseand find reports by:

1.) Industry sectors
2.) Geographic locations
3.) Human rights affected
4.) Groups affected
5.) Accountability mechanisms pursued

Selecting Reports

Each report included in the Database is individually reviewed and analyzed prior to inclusion. We use a strict methodology to select reports for the B-HRD Database. All reports must be published by organizations or authors that employ a credible methodology for documenting human rights abuses. The reports must be the result of first-hand, on-site investigation and must use ahuman rights methodology to describe a discernible business impact on human rights. The Database includes the research methodology used for specific reports.For more information on selection criteria, clickhere.

Worksheets and "Situations" in the Database

Each report in the database has an associated worksheet that provides users with the basic information of the report (title, author, date of publication, etc.), a link to the report in the languages in which it is available, a general summary or synopsis of the report, and a more detailed explanation of the different rights, regions, and groups affected. These explanations of the different impacts are disaggregated by specific “situations.” A “situation” in this context is the way we break down reports that might address human rights impacts on several different groups, rights, or geographic regions.For example, a report detailing human rights abuses in the apparel sector in two different countries will be broken down into two situations—one for each country.

View all worksheetshere.

Company Responses

We welcome company responses to reports included in our Database, or to issues featured in other parts of our website. To send a response,contact us.