About the Project



The Business and Human Rights Documentation (B-HRD) Project is a joint initiative of the International Network on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) and the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) at New York University School of Law. A cutting-edge advocacy and educational resource, B-HRD exposes the adverse impacts that businesses across industries and regions can have on the full spectrum of human rights.


B-HRD aims to:

  • Raise global awareness about the impacts of business activities on human rights.
  • Empower individuals and communities with information on strategies to advocate for corporate accountability.
  • Encourage advocates and journalists to produce and share documentation on business and human rights issues employing a human rights methodology.
  • Enhance research of business and human rights reporting by allowing users to search within and disaggregate individual reports based on industry, location, groups affected, rights implicated, and accountability mechanisms.
  • Strengthen connections and alliances between organizations and advocates challenging business-related human rights abuses worldwide.
  • Illustrate gaps in the international human rights protection regime and promote the development of stronger legal standards for business and human rights.


B-HRD allows users to:

  • Perform targeted research through a comprehensiveDatabaseof human rights reports on business activities
  • Learn about particular efforts to address human rights abuses through ourIn Focussituations
  • Share strategies and discover tools to promote business accountability in theTools and Strategies

The B-HRD Database

The Database hosts a large and ever-expanding universe of reports that evaluate the impacts of business activity on human rights. Each report has been selected based on credibility, subject matter, investigative methodology, and quality of human rights analysis.

Browse the entireLibrary,or tailor yourSearchby industry sector, geographic location, groups affected, rights affected, or accountability mechanisms pursued. You can also learn about the state of—and gaps in—business and human rights documentation by visiting theDatabase Statisticspage.

In-Focus Situations

TheIn Focussection highlights particular situations of business-related human rights abuses from around the world. In Focus provides updated information on emerging developments, and details efforts made to hold businesses accountable and seek redress through the use of judicial and other mechanisms. The In Focus section allows advocates to learn from each others’ experiences and support each others’ efforts to promote business accountability for human rights abuses.

Tools and Strategies

Through B-HRD’sTools and Strategiesadvocates can learn about effective strategies to combat impunity and hold businesses accountable for their human rights abuses. The Forum features video interviews in which advocates discuss strategies and allows users to access tools and resources on a variety of advocacy and accountability mechanisms.